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Introduction to Nano AG Products

The purpose of this website is to research and develop a new micro component to be used in the Agricultural field to improve soil attributes and crop yields.

gypsumYears of repeated tillage and equipment traffic has also left many farm soils compacted, which can cause water to pond and also lead to shallow root depths which limit crop yields. To counteract this situation, some corn and soybean farmers have turned to gypsum to address the problem.  Gypsum is one of the oldest fertilizers used in agriculture. It is a common mineral and is an excellent source of soluble calcium and sulfur.

Farmers use limestone in their fields to keep the soil neutral. acid rain can change the pH of the soil to acidic and the limestone changes that back to neutral because it is an alkaline.  However standard limestone spread in a field, depending on particle size can take years to effect the soil.

Our goal is to reduce the molecular level of both gypsum and limestone and combine them into a single agent that can be used to both improve the soil chemical levels and allow better moisture absorption and retention of minerals to increase crop yields.